Splendour Falls

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

Long way deep his heart did race,
Seeing the splendour of his tan;
To find his darling radiant's face.

He revelled in glorious timeless span,
And myriad throbs his frame haboured;
Yearns for a fortress then began.

'You took me down the vales of Yoke',
He thought of her till sleep departs;
To see her limbs for him to poke.

Far in the distant bush he sought to find,
His angel love to make;
And she with a bounteous glorious mind,

Dark, the pearl of's roving Grace,
And, her yells he thought to keep serene;
Yet she his world did keep in pace.

But lo, dames of grace like gold they are,
To find you dig down deep the earth;
So his precious little stone's ajar.

Back to turmoil love decays,
And joy forever more denies;
loathsomeness, the price Jim pays.

Jim, the gent who all endured,
To have his damsel come he prayed;
And fin'lly the man pursued.

Caro-line the precious one,
Who all the while stood th' iroko stem;
Gave in to him the prize he won.

So let the world take pain to know,
That splendour falls with 'sistent verve;
And in time we reap to sow.

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