On My Wedding Day

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

On my wedding day, let there be wine to drink
And let there be food to eat, for with my darling bride I shall be.

On my wedding day, let there be no moaning,
You leave some, you hold some.
A necessity turns us to wisdom, a perfect transition.

Let there be no crowd to moan, for my precious bride
Loves silence. In silence we were contracted.

Let there be love, haters bemoan and loathed they are.
My mistresses a benign farewell to give,
My bride her duty I must perform.

Let there be no fights, for ornament darling,
She, my shoulders will hold to caress.
The peace of our love in silence, we shall commune.

I shall cling to her, my original birth clothes,
I shall have in the cold of her breasts, I shall feed.
Behind the nchib of my forebears shall I be laid.

My bride awaits, how long to meet her I know not,
None knows,
When she caresses the willing and unwilling alike.

My ravenous bride does come and come, she will.
The blanket that will shade us, inscriptions atop,
But none shall I know for busy I shall be, in deepest consummation,

To my eternal bliss.

Glory be!

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