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After Ramana allowed his mother
To stay there with him forever,
Every opportunity he gave her,
To spiritually, day by day, uplift her.

She also wanted to give him
Sumptuous food every time
What food he liked the most,
In his younger days, that he ate.

Papad was one, he used to take,
That she was trying then to make,
And for his help when she called,
To assist her, he flatly refused.

Alone when she was preparing,
A song on papad he was writing,
In order to keep her more sensible,
Against making such a tasty edible.

The song goes like this:-

“Grind into powder urad dhal,
Add Pirandai plant juice a little
From this dough make small balls,
You can eat papad fried in hot oil.”

“Like this, grind this ego one
In the soul-search-machine,
Add the juice of good company
Make this dough thick and pasty.

“With a hand roller of peace,
Roll a ball on a moral wooden piece,
O’er the fire of knowledge heat
And in the hot ghee of virtue, fry it.”

“Eat this fried papad daily,
That goes inside “Self” only,
To make you ever dependable
On the divine path, more spiritual.”

His mother heard his lectures
O’er a period of six years,
And became totally a realized soul,
Going on the spiritual path well.

Near the Virupaksha Cave side,
Water for bath was in demand,
Ramana daily used to bring
Water from a distant spring.

Kandaswami, a devotee felt
Why not an Ashram be built
Near the spring to facilitate
Their daily life in all respects.

An Ashram in a few days came,
As Skandashramam by its name,
With all beautiful surroundings
Like trees and flower plants.
Note: Translation of 4 Ramana’s songs by Prof
K.Swaminathan is more authentic, which is as under:-

Ramana’s four songs go like this:-

(1)“Here encased in five sheathes of organs, Mind, Intellect and Sleep
of blissful-ignorance and different from them, grows the kernel,
The self, the Abhiman felt as “I.” Pound it with the wisdom-pestle
Of the inquiry “Who am “I,” reducing it to powder as “Not I” “Not “I.”

(2)”Now mix the juice of the edible-Cactus Pirandai. This is sat-sanga,
the company of the elevating which removes discord, add Jeera and
black pepper which are Shama and Dama, equanimity and self-restraint.
Toss in some salt of Uparati which is non-atachment. Round it off with
Hing for good vasanas, the tendencies which free us.”

(3) “With an inward turned pestle of mind pound away “I-I.” Unrelenting
at its stubborn out-going disobedience. Then with the rolling pin of Shanti,
roll out on the platter of evenness. The Appalams and see for yourself!”

(4)”Taking the bottomless vessel of endless-Mouna with the wholesome oil
Of the One Self of all, fired by the flames of wisdom’s enquiring, fry the papads
Without let up till the questioning Self reaches and remains the source.
Thus you can have the papad and eat it too!”


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