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Ramana was considered Rishi of Rishis,
For this reason, he was called Maharishi,
As his heart was full of compassion
To all living beings under God’s creation.

One day Sundaram, Ashram’s cook
Served vegetables not fully cooked,
To all devotees, but not to him,
As it might cause indigestion to him

Ramana took up seriously with him
For serving the same to all of them
Saying, “When I can’t digest it
How can others digest it?”

As days passed, there was a set back
In his health keeping him weak,
One devotee gave him an advice
To drink daily a glass of fruit juice.

In reply he said, “If I must take
All the 200 devotees must drink,
What is the cost of fruit juice
If all of us drink daily one glass?”

“Can we afford to meet its cost,
If all of us daily take it?”
So, he rejected this very thought
As they could not easily afford it.

He had such a noble mind,
That he was always concerned
More about others’ interests
Than his own personal benefits.

In all his open conversations,
In all his day to day actions,
In all his contact with people
He was so plain and simple.

Perhaps, it was God’s will
That on the top of the hill
He must stay and teach the world
On “Who am I,” to reach its end.

He could have stayed in a jungle
Not to be disturbed by people,
But he remained with them all,
By his role, as a living example.

“Search deep inward yourself,
Who am I?” to find yourself.”
This message he carried himself.
By doing this exercise himself.


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