Moon Tiger

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

Two stars of night, sight of delight
Fiery firry, from far they shone.

Two stars of night, sight of delight
I weep to see, yet engulfed to see.

Two stars of night, sight of delight
The dark spotty carnivore, furious grown.

Two stars of night, onwards they shoot
Cannon spat fire from barrel far, far away.

But constant stood my stars of night,
Onwards for me the monster rode.

I weep to see the fiery wonder,
The moonlit night the secret hid,
From me now there's no escape,
I hold to fend the fiendish foe,
Late, my efforts stroke a feeble core.

Two stars of night, sight of sore,
In the bright of the night, callous intent.
Night be feared, yet night we rest,
Each in's nest recoil to calm,
But stars of night do shine to bring
Pleasure to us that bother to sing.

The moonlit night a tiger reveals,
That fiery fiend that stood afar.

Two stars of night, a sore to see,
The tiger's eyes from far I saw.

The spotty frame the moonlight hid,
Only to see it close to me.

I wish the hideous night to end,
For the moonlight does deceive.
Deep in the distance his eyes the stars,
Unknown the stars a tiger would be.

Now don't hope on a moonlight night,
Sight of delight a sore did turn,
For two stars my heart did sing,
Yet fiendish fiery stood.

Now the stars a beast do turn,
The firry frame my corp to burn?

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