Truth should not be out

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Never tell the thief, that you are a thief,
Or the thief will be annoyed,
They will throw dirt on you,
Tricks they will employ

Don't speak the truth,
Fabricate every word,
If you fail to do it,
Ugly, truth, shall be heard.

Who wants to hear the truth,
All want to hear, just praise,
Bury the truth, deep enough,
I don't want even a trace.

Note:- This poem talks how people react to truth. Look at poor Nassirudeen Shah how every body is after him as if he has done some crime. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION.

Divide and rule
Mole hill is a mole hill
Flexibility is an art
All my poems
I will give you rest

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