If I Were Santa Claus...

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

If I were Santa Claus,
Around the world I could go,
Without a passport or visa,
With just a merry HO HO HO!

No long lines,
No security checks,
I would be welcome everywhere,
With a warm peck!

I could fly by the moon,
Touching the bright stars
My reindeers and me,
All spotted from far!

I would slide down chimneys,
All of me unplugged,
Covered with black soot,
Yet still be hugged!

Warm milk and cookies,
With love and warmth kept,
By eager happy hands
That would have slept!

I would have filled all hearts
With love and good cheer,
Jingling all the way,
With my prancing reindeers!

I would have been now
At my busiest best,
Wrapping all the gifts,
With no time to rest!

If I were REALLY Santa Claus,
It sure would be nice,
A merry HO HO HO!
On a sleigh and SURPRISE!

A repost, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!

Love xx

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