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Maharishi had not seen Mahatma
Mahatma had not seen Maharishi
Yet, they know well each other
By their individual spiritual power.

Maharishi was almost naked
But for his loin cloth cover.
Mahatma was called half-naked
Fakir of India with no upper cover.

Maharishi worshiped Annamalaiyar,
While Mahatma prayed before Rama.
In the Political World, Mahatma was.
In the spiritual world Maharishi was.

Bullet shots killed Mahatma.
Sarcoma cancer killed Maharishi
These were the similarities of both
The two followers of the Truth.

Gandhiji sent Babu Rajendra Prasad
Along with Jamnalal Bajaj to have
Peace of mind at Ramana Ashram
And there both of them came.

While Babu didn’t ask anything
Bajaj was interested in questioning,
Maharishi just to know at that time,
What was that spirit behind him?

Bajaj: “Is it alright to desire for Independence?”

Maharishi: “Yes. To achieve a great object,
one goes for a long struggle. It integrates
a devoted citizen with his country.
Like this, one must integrate with his soul
without any fear or favor.”

Bajaj: “After a long sacrifice and struggle
should we not feel proud of our freedom?”

Maharshi: No. If you have to win this war
you must pray always the owner of
this world, the Almighty and
surrender to Him. When by God’s
grace one wins the war, how can he
claim that glory belongs to him?
Don’t claim your rights. That
kind of duty only is selfless action.

Bajaj: How can a politician remain faultless?

Maharishi: His surrender to God or Guru
only will save him. Let him not
worry about straightforwardness.
Only when he acts against his leader
doubts will arise.

Bajaj: Is there no supernatural power
to give strength to a freedom fighter?

Maharishi: (silence) No answer.

Bajaj: (Clarifies) Will not the sacrifices
made by our elders help us?

Maharishi: Yes, it will help. No one
can claim those sacrifices as
his own. All selfless persons
have a share in them. For this
country based on Dharma
principles, this is a great
awakening indeed. Is it not
due to God’s grace!

Like this dialogue went on
Between Bajaj and Maharishi
That enlightened everyone
To remain as a selfless person.
Maharishi = Ramana Maharishi
Mahatma = Mahatma Gandhi


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