All politics failed in front of Him

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

All politics failed in front of Him,
He asked them to bring a coin,
Whose image does it bear,
Caesar's they proclaimed.

Render to Caesar, what's Caesar’s
Render to God, what's God's,
World in its ignore, is mixing,
Word,world,and the cross.

As iron and mud can not be mixed,
So, do not, mix the two,
Word, is life eternal,
World, has day too few.

Cross, is the way to eternity,
Cross, is the hope of mankind,
Touch the wood of the cross,
And every thing would be fine.

R. A. Jacob ® December/29/2018

Accidental prime minister
I think Churchill was right
I love my country
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Accidental prime minister

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