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All devotees wanted to celebrate
Ramana’s 50 years golden jubilee
But he refused to have it done
As he was not interested in it.

As they all requested again
He agreed for a simple one
Without any pomp and show
Just to please their desire for it.

He was of the opinion always
That in one’s life happiness
Or unhappiness experienced
Both were not real ones.

Great man laughs at death,
As death relieves sufferings,
And he weeps o’er birth.
As birth gives sufferings.

From 1949, his suffering started
As his left hand was affected
Due to sarcoma cancer disease
Which came as a small tumor.

It developed into big one.
Even after two operations,
It was still growing bigger,
With no encouraging results.

On 19-12-1949 for the fourth time,
A team of experts operated him
With no anesthesia to kill his pain
As he was ready to bear the pain.

There was no hope of recovery
Even after doing every surgery
The malignant tumor went
Deeper inside his body parts.

On 14-04-1950, Friday it was,
At exact time. 08.47 hours
He sat himself in Padmasan Pose
And his breath stopped his heart.

All people saw in the sky
A big shooting star then
That flew from South to North
After passing thru’ his domain.

As he was a well realized Soul
His body was lowered in his Samadhi
After due ceremonial functions,
With a flood of tears from their eyes.

“Sree Ramanalinga Murthy,”
Was installed on his Samadhi,
A beautiful temple they built.
On 18-06-1967 it was sanctified.

On this mundane earth
When there is a birth
It is followed by death.
This is the real truth.



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