The Christmas Craze! - Yet another take onthe 95th Challenge..

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

In parking lots, there’s room to spare,
with many store shelves, almost bare,
and yet still some shoppers are seen to wend
through malls and arcades, hoping to spend
Gift Cards, or find a bargain tucked away,
which they hope to spot before New Year’s Day!
Something so cheap, at a price beyond belief!
If it’s something needed? it’s a great relief
to know that they’ve not shopped too late
to buy something required. Folks who hate
fighting the crowds before Christmas Day.
If one has patience to get them as a ‘give away’
or ‘loss leader’. One a saleman swears is true!
With a benevolent smile, he’ll take a look at you,
as cascading dollar signs flash before his eyes!
Seeing your looks, he’ll say, you sure know a prize
that’s a great bargain indeed, that others missed.
So just for you, I’ll lower the price! No, I insist
for I can see you’re a most observant man,
and I like to show appreciation when I can.
So with his skilled practiced salesman spiel,
he awaits your decision. Tension you can feel
makes it tough to turn him down, and you agree.
And the ‘bargain’ spotted is yours, though it might be
regretted for some years to come as you, in a daze,
were seduced by remnants of the Christmas Craze!

Rhymer. December 30th, 2018.

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