every sound of the game..

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Every sound and silence
thoughts where they dance
alone in the dust
the road that we must.. wander
should we know
and in nothing still grow
in Her love..
in her sweet permanence
human and not gods

every sound and silence
should she come to my defence
and whisper only poetry
words that don't need to be
owned nor owing
the seed nor the sowing
dust that I am
wind as it plays

every sound in the silence
and echoing of that
which is universe and growing
a lion in the cat
while the meek pray evolution
refusing the nature of Earth
dust and revolution
every angry age of rebirth..

every sound becomes silence
pens as they slowly slink
to that place of great madness
where they are lost with the ink
licked and wet with great rage
loved up and fat like a sage
only a mountain for company
only the oceans to drink..

every sound and I am silence
soul quiet of the brain
knowing all thoughts as they are
hearing every visitor the same
every ego caught in the echo
empty space repeating a name
I hear these thoughts as I hear you
just dead or alive of the grave..

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