A New Year Born this Day

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The old man looked all bent and gray;
As those final moments ticked away.
Stooped all over from the load,
That came this year, his way.

And though he looked so weak and frail,
Yet still he walked upon that trial.
Tired yes from that hard road,
Yet continues without fail.

He could not stop, he knew t’was true;
Though his time was almost through.
A few more steps and he’d be done;
Yes, just a step or two.

He looked up at that ticking clock;
As quickly still ticked and tocked.
The race was on; the year ‘bout gone;
His yearlong journeyed walk.

Quickly now, that clock wound down;
Then no more heard it’s ticking sound.
Midnight now, ‘’twas finally here;
Now no more did he frown.

For there it was, the finish line;
His smile, did all so bright, entwine.
The midnight hour was ringing clear;
So bright, its flame did shine.

At last, the New Year had arrived
The old man gone, the year revived.
As a new born baby child was he;
Now as a babe, revived.

That old man who had come our way;
Who journeyed long, he did not stay.
For as a babe for all to see:
A New Year born this day


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