Keeping An Open Mind.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

If we approach each day with an open mind
Surely Life will reward us, as we will find.
For each new day offers us a fresh start
If we accept it, with open, unbiased heart.

If we banish bigotry, keep an open mind
Accept there's few with an axe to grind
Then by rejecting bias we'll lessen strife,
And enjoy a more rewarding, fulsome life .

If we Love with no preconceived conditions,
Doggedly follow our passionate ambitions,
New doors soon open up - as you will see,
To enhance the lives of such as you and me.

If we forgive those that cause us pain
Seek not revenge nor greedy gain,
With compassion and vengeance rejected
Love will thrive, though it's least expected.

If we seek the good in our fellow man,
Praise him when he does the best he can,
By exercising patience and moderation,
Success will end in mutual celebration.

But if we search our Soul, and therein find
Greedy bigotry and a tight closed mind,
Devoid of compassion: driven by greed,
Then we are the ones found in greatest need!

Rhymer January 2nd, 2019.

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