Gathering APOEM - across time my rhyme

a poem by Danny Coon, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

If my ghost is living spirit = i am dead man walking
Says: onion skin to core of all layers

Do I not see. ???
If i am Abridge - then i am free standing and deep rooted into both banks.
L I F E. ? D E A T H
styx ?

This is first time I've imagined this may way be - A ? Cross

(Gemini say Pieces) ???
When I was a young lad
Maybe four – Maybe five
I had an event
I shall now try to describe

My Grandma was walking me
From our house to Hers
She had a tight hold of my hand
And our pace was all Hers

As we came up to the Corner
Of our private road of dirt sand
I saw the giant serpent
And tried to pull back Grandmas hand

I was a young lad turned Speechless
But I tried pulling my Grandma back
But she just tugged me along
Like – boy – Don’t give me no smack

Until we rounded that corner
And she did then Serpent see
And then stood frozen like stone
With a Death-grip on me

I looked up at my Grandma
Her eyes had gone blank
Like She’d just seen Medusa
In the Eyes of this snake

And I stood there – Trapped
By my Grandmas strong hand
So what else could I do – But
Make my little-man stand

So I looked right into that Serpent
Stretched clear across the road
As huge as any full “Boa”
With a face like an old toad

And he too looked right through me
And then He hissed at me thrice
As I stood trapped but not frozen
By Grandmas hand – like a vice

Then in my own little mind
I then spoketh these words
As I looked right into that snake
To be sure that He heard

Go away snake
You leave us alone
Because you are not from here
This is our Home

I was just a young boy
That an ancient Serpent obeyed
He retracted his gaze
And slid slowly away

As I just stood there watching
Then my Grandma “came to”
And we went back on our way
This story is true

When we got to Her house
She then called up her sister
And I just sat and listened
To my Grandmas version
Of what just happened
Oh Yeah !!!
Dare I wus be wittle was melad
Diddyant mono goodn bad
Notton much I effin had

You frozen my granny stone
Does me & you converse alone
Hear us, Feed us, Suffer yeemoan
Was (good and evils) antidote
Thank you godhiss

and ThankYou GOD

The twin that i was speaking as became adad
Less and better twin devided us became adam
Their only pieces wag i came to be abridge
They were always Gemini

The two two that i was speaking to
Are from new litter of our Mother
Now i see each came to be
My uncle little brother

I see you in Mirror
You MUTE are my Reflection
THAT i SPEAK of and into
I low am YOUR reflection
THAT you AFEEL intwo existance
as a POETSTREE manulipates
TO THE heavens we're REACHING FOUR

Should I Not see that I could be the ghost?
Perhaps Crown could be My Weddin' Ring
Is It the "ONE RING" that I'd FREELY host?
Would my heart, mind, and body SING -
of My every being of soul, GOD is MOST?
if GOD should have me, Is Needed a king?

I Say,
Soul Mate:
Is neither master or slave
Love works as Attraction
Flows In deeper than Grave
Would Ring Bearer a crown?
Would kingdom, GOD SAVE?

GOD is my LOVE
my GOD's
O danny BOY !!!!
C: me

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