Lady bug poem, but ladies don't bug ok

a poem by S.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania

Ladybird ladybird
Hitch-hiking a ride
Piggyback piggyback
Pray don't you slide
Flying seed flying seed
Fly far and wide
But don't tip or flip
Your wee lil passenger
Though even if ye did so
It wouldn't have died
For crimson wings of flight
Are but folded inside
Piggyback piggyback
Give cutey a joy ride.
She's upon natures broomstick
Cutely bewitching but not witchy
Ah, just wishing to glide.
What we can learn from this
Is that all who may be
pushed and shoved aside
That could enable them to find their own wings
And soar higher and wide.
Or we can take a leap of faith
And trust others to be bonafide.

Ah lil ladybird ,God's creation so sweet and cute
Riding on her lil parasol or say even parachute

Let me tell why the ladybird is of my fav lil critters
Well for one, it has the word lady in it
And I don't mind reiterating for the zillionth time
How proud I'm of being born a lady not a man
Of being the delicate fairer sex.
And then it has 'bird'
Well I adore birds and ladies are called birds too in English slang
So I'm a lady bard who adores the ladybird.
And if fate has assigned you to be a lady
Don't be a nincompoop to depart from that role
By becoming tomboyish and/or by aping men .
Feel proud of your feminine gender.
Enjoy your destiny in all femininity .
For the one who is insolent enough to be bugged by women
has a big bug on his brain lol.

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