Don't Think Too Much

a poem by Onyeka Anyakora, Nigeria

Raging and raging thoughts, it wont stop
Just like that, every plan gone what a waste
That sweet serenity, that lovely taste
Back to the drawing board, need some space

So many lies, scattered on people's face
Everyone knows what they want, why pretend
Life is a TV show, so in viewership we depend
So everyone smile for the camera, and watch it trend

Search for the perfect mate, who loves our imperfection
Isn't it madness to be imperfect and want perfection
In reality, it's a hunger for who fits the brand
It's not happiness craved, like anyone will truly take a stand

The good guys come but they are too shy
The bad guys come, welcome home hun
Lies beat honesty because lies are sweet
Everyone plays the fool, to enjoy it's intoxicating heat

What's real what's fake, so hard to tell
Thinking about it too much, is the door to hell
Those who advertise themselves, to have true individuality
End up giving intimate details to a small group, to feel more exclusive

The depth of this social construct is beyond mundane
Synthetic beauty is respected, more than natural charm
Mirrors are best friends but reflections are what we want others to see
Forever wanting real, while on a race to be everything else but ourselves

The funny thing is whats real, has been long forgotten
That's why fairytales sell, leaders are the best liars because fiction is what we craving
We enjoy ignorance for plausible deniability, while criticizing others who are willing to take responsibility
What's real what's fake so hard to tell, if you think about it too much it's the door to hell

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