Things I Hate About You

a poem by Patty Lomax, USA

The sound of your voice is like nails on a chalk board
Every word you say goes right through me, its pure torture.
You are only happy when the drugs go down so smoothly.
You’re eyes show the lies you are telling,
While you’re face radiates the misery of the past lies you try to hide.
You’re smile is so cold, like the Northern winds blowing in December.
A heart of ice, with walls as high as the glacier in Alaska.
It now flows through you’re vein’s like a river at flood stage.
You’re walk shows how insecure and weak you truly are.
I hate you for not ever keeping a promise, the constant let downs can make one so weak.
You’re hands no one will ever crave, the inability to show any form of tenderness.
This is things I hate about you.

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