A Kiss

a poem by Patty Lomax, USA

We stood in the doorway you’re hands around my waist,
Our hearts pounding loudly almost in haste.
You moved in closely, you’re eyes locked on mine.
A gaze as sweet and tender as you softly caressed my cheek,
Pulling me in slowly, just a moment in time to long for that kiss.
As you’re lips meet mine I felt that sensation,
No longer able to refuse the sweet temptations I give into you.
I longed for your kiss, you made me weak in the knees,
My palms became sweaty, I felt as if I was floating, hearts racing faster.
I return to that place often, the world around us seems to just disappear.
All that’s left is you and I, as I slowly pull away it seems I am floating.
Each kiss holds so much passion, so come a little closer baby…

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