I will pen off

a poem by Richard Nsonge Nah, Cameroon

From this moment, I will pen off
at the bottom of my last melody;
it’s better to pour more tears
than murmuring on past tense!

A strong need drew me close to you,
throwing away my chance with others;
and your kind and sweet talk coloured every bit of my dreams,
taking me to the azure skies
that a lover could ever be,

For days we came to know each other,
then, time and again we screamed in passion
promising each other hearts of love
in the beddings of Wales,

Only yesterday we saw this beautiful sunset,
but now I guess it’s an ugly sunrise
and it hurts more when you keep silent,
giving me impressions you no more share our common gold,

Ô promise breaker,
Ô heart breaker, you look like that fortune teller
I just realize that when I needed your actions more than words;
you pause me with such a silence,
forgetting the beautiful days we shared together,

From this moment, I will pen off
with the sadness of a broken heart,
breaking down to fill up the sheets of my last melody,

I will pen off, with the pain I have never felt,
with the disease I will never cure,
trying not to remember you were part of my existence,
hoping your memory will disappear in an instant!

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