a poem by Anjani George, India

Oh the mockery you make of life
A word at least that makes meaning
One sign to show you care
For any other than the Securities
My wealth, my charge, my assets
Like an obsession unleashed
My pain, my worries, my losses
Why is it always I, me, my, mine?
Is it the weakness of the mind?
Else, why brood over these now?
When there’s more than enough
It’s all for yours, just be happier
Be not anxious of it taken away
Not a penny no one will touch, I swear
Just do not be in so much agony
The account you always tally
The amount matched perfectly
Are these scores ever to be settled?
Never would you have done the same
Had it been those lighter days
Of coherence and understanding
Yet I wish from the bottom of my heart
That we did not barter over such trivia
Toughened stance and hardened words
Lacking in any mercy, you whiplash at us
Yet in public, weeping as a child,
I’m puzzled, a sudden show of softness
Surprises, gifts, ice-creams, chocolates
Love wasn’t only about sugary gifts
Oh! you fail to recollect
A faraway look and some forgetfulness
And my wonderment surfaces again
They couldn’t care more than we do
Clucking tongues, nodding in sympathy
Among them, none without their battles
Fag end of the day, my bewilderment tapers
Exhausted, labouring to comprehend
Unsuccessful, yet I feel at peace again
Though spoken words never unspoken
And actions never be taken back
Please know, sorry I am you struggle so
My ego is well under harness
As the hurt begins to wear off
Negativity, don’t dare!, my promise
To the one I love and the blessed soul above
Under your watchful eyes, the almighty
I pray, you be happy and I be silent.

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