Happy New Year

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Happy new year to one and to all
As seasons will come and seasons will fall
Make this the year you live your true self
With friends that you love as they are true wealth

Seek opportunities to care for the broken and lost
But do it with love, don’t think about the cost
Bring peace where you can and share hope with each other
Treat the stranger on the street as you would your own brother

Speak kindness and life to every one you meet
Because you don’t know the situations of those in the street
Be kind to yourself, you are doing your best
Stop treating life like it’s a really hard test

In this new year follow your heart
Don’t be afraid, sometimes you just have to start
Start believing you can do it and accepting you might fail
But that is ok because we learn through detail

Put your faith in God because he will guide you through
The good times and the bad times, his promises are all true
This year won’t be easy but it might not be as hard
But if you see someone struggling send them a little card

With all the excitement of resolutions and goals
Let’s not forget to live in the moment, come out of our holes
And wonder at the beauty that is all around
Every creature, every plant, every person, every sound

2019 is a chance to move on
To let go of the things that have already gone
To step forward in excitement for the things still unknown
But please remember this, your never doing it alone

Happy New Year!!

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