a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

She decided I was crazy, hateful,
When all I tried was to apologise,
Threw my loving gift, her gaze full of spite,
And challenged another scene in smiling disguise
This scene was facing a whole tribe of killers,
No no, these people don’t use knives to kill,
They bathe you in shame and humiliation
Just a little something with which you have to deal,
Unaware that you are swimming
In the hate now,
Clueless they laugh, while you say goodbye to this world,
Suddenly my side neck thumped in rhythms of a yawn,
These were only scenes my sleeping mind unfurled!!
Why would my neck thump, I begin to wonder when
I relaxed, “ Oh silly ! It’s just my gentle heartbeat!”
It dawned on me, “Do any of these real-life scenes really matter?”
When these rhythms have always undeniably made me complete?”

-By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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