" Every heart sings a song incomplete until I found you! " ( The 96th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

A long time ago before there was a you.
My heart had a huge hole!
Until I wish upon a star, and the next
morning there you are!

I loved your bright sparkly blue eyes.
Your spiked hair with the feel of a porcupine.
The hot dog you never intended to share.
It was love at first bite!

A huge responsibility our love would
be, for the short time God describe for you
and me.

Love turned out to be exercise, as we stopped
at every bush .A sense of security, our love was
on a leash. As freshly mowed grass drifted by
in the air, our love turned into mess, with what
appeared upon your shoe. Your smile turned
upside down until I kissed you.

My wagging tail that formed an S.
My squeaky bark that annoyed you.
A cold midnight colored nose, that dripped,
as if rain on a rainy day.
A long pink sandpaper tongue,
and soft silky hair, that completed the picture
of me.

God showed us how to love in good times and bad.
And in all season's of life we share!
Loaned to each other by God Himself, until He
calls me home.

Every heart sings a song incomplete until I found you!
Every heart sings a song incomplete until I could
write you this poem about my love for you!

Westly's Dog!

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