Every Heart Sings a Song Incomplete, until....? 96th Challenge II

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

The world is full of anguished song:
a soulful cry, oft shrill and long
bespeaks the needs of a lonely soul,
anxious to achieve a lover’s goal.
Telling of a heart’s song incomplete!

The lone coyote with its midnight croon,
wistfully serenades the full, Fall Moon.
Whilst the croaking of a solitary frog
resonating through wood and bog,
is a heart’s song, incomplete!

The raucous crow, with rasping call
advises all who’ll listen, one and all,
his heart requires the comfort of love.
Likewise he, as does the Mourning Dove,
airs his heart’s song, incomplete!

The lonesome Loon with mournful cry,
hopes to attract another passing by.
Harsh reminder of the lonesome heart,
are the sad songs of lovers - torn apart.
Truly a heart’s song, incomplete!

From forest beast, reptile and bird,
everywhere love songs are heard.
Whether loud, harsh or softly faint,
each portrays another soulful plaint.
Signs of a heart’s song incomplete!

Then in an instant, the heart’s song changes:
Joy fills the air, to sounds of loving exchanges!
The sun shines brighter, whilst the air is stilled:
the world holds its breath, with love fulfilled!
Great is the time we hear heart’s song complete!

Rhymer. January 8th, 2019

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