a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

Through you,
I ride and walk and walk and ride,
Though you care not my causes,
On thy wheels you roll.
A long, long way have we gone, one on other
Yet, no face of fatigue have you worn,
On thy wheels you roll.
Then, neglect me not, though you show no signs even,
But I am stressed I may be hoodwinked,
Let it not Sir,
Pour on me poetic inspiration
Never you let me be dismissed,
On thy wheels, I pray you roll
For I am ready to with you ride
Till I attain your destined ride, in moss, on stones
Or at the plains, I shall hold firm thy bars, the line is frosty and bleak,
But leave me not Sir,
Till we arrive, give me poetic inspiration,
Then roll on thy firm wheels,
And gently take me there.

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