Aged Blessings

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

In darkness, you now stand perplexed in age-old blessings,
'Hands all put in water to clean the wounds', you said.
And ab initio, an eager will they all did lend.
Souls all toiled to see your fruits
Building planets of bliss - a new generation's plants
Heartless, they seemed, all with you they gave
Which overtly you caught with roaring machismo - love!

The blessings you did shatter to your left, to your right,
To your back, the front not necessary,
Counrty giants you did let to ticks,
How great and fast your steps leaped.
Praise singers blinded by oil; mad, they went with songs;
Chanting the nightingale less, boating your climb.
The streets groaned with drink, breezed by human air; a new time!

Time's speedily turning out your blessings,
A blessing aged, a blessing monotonous, a blessing undesired.
Your tricks of democracy we see, 'tis indeed a democratic zeal,
Six leaps from a generation's reign in invented alloys.
A nepotic democracy, a democracy of eternal reign.
Let us learn democracy from the ruler
That all with him our blessings anewed!

Let us not destroy good intent,
Blessings of justice!
Blessings of new laws!
Blessings of Hope!

The old giveth way to the new,
The blessings, all new, by old blessers.
They will be new indeed! They are from the usual hands after all!
None but they, (but how that?) can bless us, they have the nation at heart!

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