Musketeer Challenge #96, Take III.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

My heart sang a song, incomplete,
after a girl and I did accidently meet
at a time, oh so many years ago!
Then I vowed that though I must go
to lands far away, I would return,
to make her my own, and would spurn
advances of all others I might meet!
Till then my heart’s song was incomplete!

When Duty called, and I sailed away,
her image grew stronger in every way,
that truly reinforced my vow to wed,
and honour my intent, as I’d aforesaid
on parting. As months became years
before I would return, I. to ease her fears,
wrote often on events and folks I’d meet.
Still my heart’s song was incomplete!

Came the day, which I had so eagterly awaited,
when my passage home was arranged. It stated
I’d return home, early in the upcoming year.
Although twas welcome news, there was the fear
that She, to whom I’d made my solemn vow,
might not be mine! If another had somehow
won her heart, by actions furtive and indiscreet,
then my heart’s song would remain incomplete.

But my fears proved unfounded: all was well,
and a few months later, as I do hereby tell,
life changed from boring mundane, to exciting,
as her gracious smile, promised life inviting!
Today, my heart’s song is a familiar Lullaby,
that proved well suited - and here I tell no lie!
Yes it was an auspicious day, Fate chanced us to meet,
for today, my heart’s song, is lovingly complete!

Rhymer. January 8th, 2019.

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