a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

Do not be afraid
the flu bug is coming
H1n1 THE breed
the Devil's seed
took 50 million lives in 1918
& 2009
sheepskins hold the new wine
Jesus' footsteps & Mother nature
fight with immunity and profanity
the bug is in 24 states
the monster never waits
only 65% of protection by vaccine
the darkness is never seen
I saw it & I am not afraid
air raid
sirens and popsicles
children with tissue and sneeze
don't let your life freeze
or wheeze
mechanical ventilator
I am your alligator
we dont' need you
go away
public health is coming
the epidemiologist
is humming
fight immunity with profanity
Jesus footsteps and Mother Nature
we got the great
flu epidemic eliminator

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