Rose Bud ( Every heart sing a song, incomplete until....96th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I watched you in my garden as a circle
of fire came up over the knife sharp
mountain, filling the sky with warm
Your purple bud matched the color of
the mountains, and had a touch of satin.
If I listen carefully I could hear music of
tiny bees, buzzing and singing a melody
about nature. You smell was sweeter then
any perfume, and as light as a gentle breeze,
and made my nose tingle.
Each velvety petals reminded me of
friendship, so beautiful and fragile. Without
care even a tiny breeze could break it apart.
Even with care, friendship like the rose
has thorns.
Just as this rose will fade away and die,
so can friendship. However, with care it
can come back just as this rose will in the
summer and spring, and be stronger and more
beautiful then ever before.
Just as life can hurt so does this rose, as the
thorns worked as if a tiny needle upon my fingers.
However, we can learn from this rose, just because
it hurts, it shouldn't be avoided.
As with life, friendship, and love, its worth
the risk.
Every heart sings a song, incomplete until
your find a heart that sings along with yours.

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