"Every heart sings a song incomplete, until.............." - (Musketeers Challenge) #96

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

"Come fill my days with joy" (as once upon ........)
When life was lived midst harmony and song
Such time as then once was; to see anon
and hear the whisper of your voice still strong
A Poet thou didst make of me (as Muse)
Inspiring quill to heights I'd never known
This shy retiring beau, thou wouldst enthuse
With hopes and dreams (tho now I dream alone)
Each line composed helps fill a gaping hole
To bear the loss, with words I here impart
Whilst mind doth stir, your songs caress my Soul
When carried on the wind, they touch my heart
Such unions then (now deemed as incomplete)
Still strike a chord with all who chanced to meet

Aramis /|\

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