After Undefeated

a poem by Onyeka Anyakora, Nigeria

Across snake valley, against the warriors of Mali
When Surrounded and the times disarmed
Through all the traps and mistakes
Victory was the final case

Drenched in blood, so many slain
Silver shield, dyed by blood stain
Not deviating from the path, kept the mind sane
Another foe, eats the blade

Through the road, there was a lot of aid
So many fallen, on the road to vahalar
Triumphant soldier, another Ragnar, seeking Oden's reward
But the sisters of fate, remain bored

Dived into hades and started a holy war
Kidnapped the deadly sins and tied them to the floor
Made the Horsemen feel human terror
Dante and kratos, have a new successor

Fields, littered with dragons' corpses
No one needed to tell the vampires, moving at night was dangerous
The demons found it wise to avoid summons
These feats became stories, passed around as sermons

But the sisters of fate, are not easy to please
Challenged divinity, broke out of mortality
Dove to the bottom of the sea and planted the seed of immortality
Painted the sky red, and tried to alter reality

Like the brightness of the sun, stories went around the world
A legend, with tales rivaling every God
Looked into heaven from the top of Babel and tried to jump in
But the sisters of fate, see it all as nothing

Little atom that shook the celestial sphere
Faced every obstacle and every fear
Tasted so much victory still the mind started to wither
As every worthy challenger was now goner

For once, he paused this personal vendetta
Observed the world and nothing looked familiar
Completely misplaced he felt, like fire on water
The epitome of undefeated, was now a homeless wanderer

Great conquerer now envious of unacommplished mundane men
Who couldn't defeat simple fears and rejoiced when a woman spread her legs
So confused he pondered, as the sisters of fate were lost from mind
How can so much hard earned success, end in deep disappointment

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