96th Challenge Every hearts sings a song incomplete, until...

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

We all have our heart's desire,
We have differences the way we smile,
Let our heart sing a song incomplete,
To reach out everyone's heart to make the song complete

Sometimes we realized
what have we done with our lives,
Those failures we tried to overcome,
Those pains that we've brought to someone,

It makes us incomplete today
The missing piece will bother you in so many ways,
Even if we tried to make it up to them,
But you never said the word" how sorry I am"

Those moment that someone is needing a hand,
But you chose to ignore and turn them down,
You are haunted by your heart and mind,
If you just listen to them and spare some time

God will bless you in His way that you wouldn't know,
He was there trying to fixed you,
Those voices that you've heard inside your heart,
Was the voice of God who don't want to feel you bad, don't want to make you sad.

If we just let Him lead the way,
The incomplete song will becomes a harmony,
Where we find forever peace,
And live a life with a happy face.

P.S. great title challenge Sir Richard. I am truly honored to be part of this Title. GOD BLESS US ALL

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