a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

time for chocolate
alone, going 'Dutch'
order florentine
'thanks very much'
Ripe is throbbing
towards end of day
eager sTaff cleaning
keen to get away
new customers come
replace those who go
tills keep ringing
no time to 'go slow'
naughty teenager
torments his Mum
all settling down
as 'Dev' teas come
kids concentrating
on their mobile phones
new technology
seems in their bones
waitress carries drinks
to those outside
it's pandemonium
nowhere to hide
customers are from
all parts of globe
fan below ceiling light
acting as strobe
earlier this afternoon
greeted couple from city
away for short break
countryside's pretty
then visited neighbour
of olden days
whose music and art
both deserve praise
still one more hour
before new guests due
every day more hectic
as business grew
try to squeeze lie
in between duties
thin of 'free hours'
as special 'beauties'

Copyright Lee Emmett 31.12.18

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