a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

Man and women
Complement each other,
In ways more than one
When they find a lover
In each other;
May not be a perfect lover:
Nevertheless, a dear:
A beloved whisperer
Of sweet nothings, which give meanings
To everyday, every intimate hour!

Love, then is the imperfect mirror
Which reflect the pair
To see how they fit together
In the long journey of life,
With its hours of despair;
In those moments when joy is in the air
And you leap for the moon
And land on earth with a thud
With an empty hand
Yet you giggle, happy that your love
Is still intact, still a faithful mirror:
A witness and common friend.

The complement, the imperfect
Missing part of your existence
Makes you sing, the notes
In a voice, so dulcet
The notes so pristine
Their message so loud and clear:
" Unheard melodies are always sweeter
Drenched with love's elixir! "

" Every heart sings an incomplete song until
Love has found a lair
In the cave of the heart
And the song is now a duet;
A favorite of the Divine minstrel
At its haunting best! ".

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