Hey Jesus, It’s Me Again

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

No good you resting on your laurels mate,
still got a lot more miracles to do old son,
got to save this world before it’s too late,
let’s see, you’ve fed thousands with a crust
and a fish, walked on water, cured leprosy
made blind people see and cripples walk,
risen people from the dead (self-included)
changed water into wine, what else, must
be more than sticking the odd ear back on
healing withered hands and curing the deaf
and dumb, oh yeh, forgot about chasing out
demons, so me old china, it’s about time for
a few more, so what about ending poverty
hunger and disease, or putting a stop to all
waring and conflict the violence and crime,
you know what’s been going on all this time,
can’t be that difficult to make people live
in harmony, after all, it’s what you wanted,
or are you too afeared that if you do, him
upstairs won’t have any sinners to forgive.

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