"Every heart sings a song Incomplete, until…..." (Musketeers Challenge) #96

a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

''Why are you always so angry?Can't I do anything right?''
''I would lay the whole world at your feet and still it wouldn't be enough!''

But she wasn't angry.Not at all.Not after all he had put her through that past year...
The search,the praying,the waiting;night and day hoping he would come back or at least just a phone call to know he was okey...
No!She wasn't angry,she was indifferent. Indifferent to his come back,indifferent to his feelings,indifferent to his efforts, indifferent to...

''Martin! It's not that I don't love you anymore,'' (which she didn't)
Not after all that worry,panic,grief...only to find him six months later living three blocks away with a... ''I cannot love you.ever!''
Finally!She had put in words what she felt every time he walked in for the last three months!She had put in words what she felt every time he kissed her,every time she faked another orgasm,every time he said ''I love you''...
Finally it was out there,loud and clear.

''What are you saying?I though we were getting better, closer, recov...''

''Stop! just...please,just sign the papers and be done with!''
''You left us Martin,you left your wife,your kid and for what...?! Well guess what, I don't need you anymore Martin, and Njamba doesn't need you either.''
''See,''every heart sings a song, incomplete, (but only for so long) until another heart whispers back.''

©Peninnah Nganga.

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