My Heart’s Song is incomplete, until....? Take IV on Challenge #96.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

I whistle whilst I work,
or hum snatches of a song.
Though words may be forgotten,
or the tune completely wrong,
still the melody I sing,
helps pass the time along.
It’s a way I show my feelings,
heard in the tenor of my tone,
which tends to keep me focussed,
when I am all alone.

As thoughts race to and fro,
so my volume fluctuates,
with notes I’ll Tra-la-la,
as and how my mood dictates.
At times I’ll take a break,
to watch a butterfly,
or stand to contemplate,
on the beauty seen nearby.

Some times I pause my singing,:
should I hear a cry?
Or sing a little louder
when no one’s seen nearby.
It’s where I free emotion,
with aptly chosen words,
which are never criticised,
by any listening birds!

As for melodies employed?,
my thanks go out to those,
who write the catchy tunes
I sing - though here, I must suppose,
theirs was a different theme
from the one I’ll hum or sing.
But this is the way I am,
and will never change a thing!

It’s when working in my garden,
my heart’s song becomes complete!
For this is the greatest place,
where peace and nature meet.
Where better could I ever sing?
For me, it is the perfect place!
Where I commune with Nature,
to sing her, my song of grace!

Rhymer. January 11th, 2019.

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