A Shooting at a Bowling Alley

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

He didn’t know that night would be his last on Earth
He went to the bowling alley with his friend to experience mirth

A fight happen broke out; he decided to break it up, but at the wrong time
A vicious gunman resisted, unloading his weapon, committing his crime

His father said he was a good kid who didn’t deserve to die
If guns were outlawed he would have no reason to cry

His son was just helping a friend, he was protective that way
He could stand by passively, he could not keep his feelings at bay

Guns will always be used wrongly for twisted minds are brutal and kill
Insane people play “cops and robbers “getting a thrill

It could have happen to anyone who would defend a friend in need
The shooting at a bowling alley was no a game, but a heinous deed

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