Melting of Gold

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

I am a creature of extremes
My grand ideals and my dreams don't fit into the perfect world of averages and means
I stand apart from the crowd
I always walk where it says I'm not allowed
The legacy of a past of which I can't be proud
The tyrant master to whome I've never bowed

And I can only be me
And i'm becoming more and more of who I really am
And of your rules and regulations, I don't give a damn
And if it scares you that my soul is breaking free
Know that the fire of truth melted my padlock and key

Six minutes at one thousand six hundred forty degrees
I've walked through hell and now there's no fire that can burn
I fought a dragon for five years till I brought him down
I marked an 'X; upon his stomach to claim my space
My brand of humour that keeps me on the ground in this place

I was a master of disguise
The girl you thought you knew has gone
She wasn't very real when it mattered after all...
A mask I wore a quarter century
So you'd like me

Copyright 2011 River Productions, Melbourne, Australia

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