The Fallen Heroes

a poem by Nkwelle Assurance Nkwelle, Cameroon

Man's mansion built in ample sight,
In he dwells with the guest inevitable - unknown
Going on and on at ceaseless lengths,
And on the powerful 'treading' horse, all is.
But how too soon - too sudden did their horses halt?
The bridle was expertly done; but they leaped further no more.
This maniac, this phantom follower!
Our giants he ferries to his foggy mansion, how selfish are you?
That the millions there are not enough?
Your hall seems never in plenitude,
refugees day to nightfall you render us.

Experience you took from us and now, life itself you have stolen.
But for how long shall this be?
Howbeit, you will the vanquish be. Your reign with our heroe's but temporal,
In us eternally they dwell.
Men held waving hands left to right, so did heavy trees even with stomachs,
Crawl in lament of our pearls.
Lost heroes they are not, but heroic gains lost.
The vanquish will you be. Flesh no more. spirit omnipresent,
To hell with your intrigue!

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