Parents’ Marriage Anniversary (also My parents disliked my writing a book)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

Mom and dad, the kind source I was provided,
Supporting me past limitations in the millions
Earthy Pillars that assume the stars above everyday,
Choosing to love me over the multitude of civilians

Today, forget the past mistakes please and move on,
Say to each other , “ I’m sorry and I forgive you” for the old,
It doesn’t hurt, believe me, I’ve done it too, often,
With friends I’ve yelled at, hit as kids, foolish and bold.

Forgive because we are humans with all our mistakes,
Talk and treat one another with love, joy and respect,
Release this grasp on memories of the past, because
If I can forgive easily, you’ll be far more able in this aspect!

Let us move on, and embrace fun and laughter,
Try and try being a better lover today, don’t diminish,
It is very much possible believe me, I am sure,
As is the book you have finally allowed me to joyously finish.

—By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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