Praise the LORD, His Holy Name

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I wandered through, alone and lost;
Upon the sea, found tempest tossed.
I looked to Him for love and hope;
As well His strength that I may cope.
.....I called upon His Holy Name;
.....His love and strength to claim.

I called to Him who made the sky;
The earth and all that therein lie.
To Him who made the deep blue sea;
The creatures all that therein be.
.....Praise the LORD, His holy Name;
.....Always evermore the same.

‘Twas then it was, He sent to me;
His son to die and set me free.
He raised him up, then from the dead;
Now on toward the Rock I’m led.
.....Kept there by His Holy Name;
.....Cleansed from sin and shame.

And though at times I stumble still;
At times I fail to do His will.
Yet still He hears my heartfelt cry;
Then lifts me up from where I lie.
.....He calls me by His Holy Name;
.....Removes from me, my blame.

For though I’m scarred and ever flawed;
Yet still you hear me oh my God;
Bless me with your boundless grace;
My sinful ways, you may efface.
..... And so I praise your Holy Name;
.....Forever always, still the same.

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