The Call For Peace Was Yesterday

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The power was Knowledge
Health was all about Happiness
Son's of Justice
Shall inheirt the notarity
Build the Greatest Society
Equality for All
Tolerance stands tall
In the eyes of the Lord
Thy without sin shall cast the first stone.
Behold the Glorious Peace
Together we all shall feast
Without burden in the Future
No worries when the Sun Rises in the East
Tranquility shall have its day.
A new life, the new beginning
Sympathy shall soon start winning!
Hunger will be a thing of the past
When our leaders decide that
the house of the Lord is for All,
In time we will find our common ground,
In time we shall have freedom
All will have the opportunity to have it all.
For the World is full of Dreamers.
Faith and destiny will make the call
It will judge us, reflect all our moves,
Change has to happen or the future is grim
The sooner, the better;
as the call for Peace was Yesterday!

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