A beautiful heart

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Her wavy brown hair frames her beautiful face
Her presence brings great joy into every space
Kind hearted and compassionate her nature shows through
Yet quiet and sweet her personality glows true

She came into my life when I needed a friend
Someone who would listen, an ear that I could bend
With patience of a saint she listens intently
Even on a tough day, she encourages me gently

Our friendships fairly new but I already like this one
Making plans for the future, long bike rides and so on
This awesome lady is more special than she knows
But I’m excited to see what happens as her confidence grows

If the way she loves her family tells us anything at all
Then this great big world we live in, is even far too small
To house such a massive heart with so much love to share
If you know her or have met her, there is no doubt of her care

When God promises us blessings they sometimes come as people
When we think of church, it’s a building with a steeple
But God gives us friends who become family over time
And I’m always thanking God that you’re now part of mine

The Artist on the High Street
Ordinarily Extraordinary
In memory of Grandma no.2

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