Upon this Winter Day so Clear

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

It was cold this bright Mid-winter day,
With soft white snow now on the ground.
.....That had freshly fallen through the night;
.....Seen shining softly in the light.
With winter birds seen there at play.

They were flitting, flying all around;
From off the branch, then through the air.
.....In heartfelt joy, they flew on through,
.....Beneath the sky so all and blue.
Those winter birds that did abound.

Seen on this winter day so fair;
Their joy of life I did behold.
.....From leafless trees stood filled with grace;
.....They flew from place, to place, to place.
Their joy then with then they did share.

And so it was, this day found cold;
This winter morn, so full of cheer.
.....This morning found with sun so bright;
.....Those birds each seen in brilliant flight.
Upon this winter day so clear.

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