One Who Makes A Difference

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Was i the only one working for a solution to make a peaceful world?
I thought I was,
It felt like I was...

But then I found others out there like me,
Must have thought they could be, "One who makes a difference" amongst so much greed. To be "The leader of the Free World" you'd have to be backed by a Billion dollars. "Why?" You ask, "Does it even matter?"
Yet, I ask, "How has it gone this far?"
"Politics disrupting,
Steering rampant scars!"
Actions cut,
Words of hate define our era now,
Only we can right the way!
Transition to a Global Community, that believes peace and justice might prevail,
Tolerance for evil was going to be of the past, the great society was going to be such a banquet!
Mark my words, i will take us there, it might only come true in fantasy; but, we have also seen fantasy ideas like cell phones, and lasers and flipping robots!...
But at what cost?

A man with his "Peace Plan" so many world changing ideas at hand, to spill the ideas for nothing would be blasphemy, for his will i must abide...
To become Leader of the Free World, i'd have to be backed by a billion bucks!

12:22 AM

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