Wintry White with Shades of Gray

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Wintry white with shades of gray;
Dark and soft where shadows lay.
With shapes that shifted hard to glean;
Going past, beyond the way.

With posts that stood long the track;
With wisps of snow upon the black.
With wire found, as well dark seen;
Hanging loose and slack.

‘Twas going on t’ward the eve;
With still some light that soft did weave.
Through yonder skies that light did glow;
By shadows bound that eve.

Seen within that mix of light;
Of shades and shadows; hints of night.
A face was seen that looked below;
A child’s face in flight.

That boy, he gazed upon the ground;
Smiling there, he looked on down.
Upon the field, upon each tree;
The land by snow now crowned.

He looked on down upon the way;
With shadowed shapes that soft did lay.
So dark and soft, ‘twas hard to see;
Wintry white with shades of gray.

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