A Late January Day.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Morning dawned, grey the sky,
another night had sped on by.
At dawn yet again, all was white,
another snowstorm, overnight!
What-Ho Mother Nature I cried,
it sure looks very cold outside!
Though the Mercury registered low,
I’d dress quickly, then outside go
to move this latest accummulation.
Another cursed abomination!
Though it might be a skiers delight,
it is enough to put me to flight
:A place possessed of a sandy beach,
that invites me to relax far out of reach
of winter’s bone chilling cold,
that is harder felt now I grow old.
A place where I casn relax and rest,
without a lambskin coat or insulated vest.
Where space heaters are never needed:
nor are extreme cold warnings heeded.
Where warm breezes waft o’er waves,
about which, a Snowbird later raves
when returning from warmer days,
and the pleasant relaxing ways
as many northern residents do.
Leaving me to wonder why I too
do not forsake winter’s bitter cold?
Maybe too dyed in the wool as old
folks often are. Folks such as I.
But then again, I would rather die
in the land to which I favour.
Despite winter, I truly savour
our distinct Seasons. Without
their vagaries and unknowns, I doubt
life would possess much interest for me!
For I’m a Northerner, and will always be!
So Winter, come do your very worst!
So what: if at times, I’ve cursed
your blizzard spats! I’ve survived
your frigid ire, and have thrived
despite your biting cold display,
and I live to enjoy that summer day
when warm breezes relegate
your tantrums, endured of late,
to little more than a bad memory,
considered inconsequential to me,
for you are but a passing phase,
of biting cold and snowy days!
Nonetheless, I respect the ways
you dominate my daily routine,
and change a familiar rural scene,
but your shenanigans are in vain
for I am strong, and will remain
ever so! You may be the paradigm
and messenger of Nature’s cold
but you will be as history has told,
naught but an annoyance - a mere fad!
So vamoose quickly Frosty lad!

Rhymer. 31st January 2019.

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