The Seed

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Within me lies
a eed of newness
Growing imperceptibly,
A culmination of
more than the sum of me,
it lies barely beating,
barely beginning,
But beginning
Stronger than my willpower
and all of my intelligence,
it arrived in a rare
burst of instinct,
from a wisdom and knowledge
far greater than
mine and yours.
How our bodies writhed
in a deeper ecstasy,
How my body ached
with passions of
the Eternal Woman.
And so we began
and did not stop until
we had exhausted
a higher desire.
Looking, dezedly at one another
only beginning to realise
what it was that had been
unrecognizeable in each other
Nature. Instinct.
The Animal.
So unrecognizeable.
So strong. The undeniable
And so I sit in this
waiting room,
victim of my own desires and
of a society which gives me choice.
It is strong, the river of life,
The sea of life.
To to stop a wave on the ocean.
I am sailor, only,
Navigator on a
solo journey.

And still it grows.

{Written a lonnng time ago...]

To the bravest man I know
Pregnant with Life

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